The irony was not lost me when I spotted the anti-vaccine passport protests in my town. Arranged on Facebook and one person snapping away on their Pixel 5. I guess you have to pick and choose the things you get mad at.

Working on redesigning my blog to be a bit more of a reflection of my interests but not over the top.

There’s always a risk of doing too much.


Star-date: I don’t remember.

I did too many of Khurt COVID-19 tests last night that I feel a bit funny. Can’t work out whether I have caught Corona from my son or drank to many Coronae in my attempt to break the day up.

It feels different to last time. Taking care of someone when none of us had had vaccines, and we all could become sick, was much harder. We are safe in the knowledge that my son will more than likely be fine, and the rest of us have had our jabs.

The world feel different too. The government say I can still go about my daily business, but we’ve chosen to be more cautious. It feels like the right thing to do. I have walked the dog early in the morning a couple of times, but apart from that, stayed in.

Doesn’t stop the boredom, though.

Another day of having to wear noise cancelling headphones to hear myself think. In an office that I absolutely HAVE to be in, yet no-one comes into my office and everyone I collaborate with works from home.

The joys.

“This is the first evidence that some people learn to express more outrage over time because they are rewarded by the basic design of social media”

After finishing my second or third fiction book I’ve had to force myself to read something more substantial.

My struggle to find reading time continues as is the one to stay awake after opening the book! 😴

I’ve never had cause to block anyone on, but now might be one of those times.

Going to walk away for a bit I think.


I am currently doing the rounds to find a notes service again. I like writing in Ulysses but nothing seems to fit when it comes to my eclectic notes.

I am sure this will be frustrating but here goes. I am sure I’ll report back soon.

Micro Alto Theme

Introducing my first theme for Not all my work, but it is a port of the fantastic Alto theme for Ghost. I have also added the following features:

  • featured image on posts
  • photos page
  • archive page
  • replies page

You can view a demo here, although if I start work on something else this will change. I am not sure the best way to permanently have a demo without paying for another blog. You can view the code, fork, and use as you wish. I’d love any improvements to be fed back in, though.

Unsure if this will ever be added to the directory, let me know any questions

Current state of my health: Run 10 miles. Fine Run up the stairs. Can hardly breathe.

Something weird is going on.

“I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not as smart on crypto as I should be. But I often wonder if a big part of that isn’t my natural revulsion to charlatans.”